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Home Gym vs Public Gym

Posted 3/26/2014

Why train at home rather than going the grind with a bunch of like-minded people at the public gym?

Here are a few reasons:

• Cost- A gym membership for a year can seem costly against buying equipment that will last longer.
• Privacy- If currently unfit it can seem more attractive to train with privacy.
• Time restraints- Busy lifestyles may mean odd hours to train, which may not fit into opening hours.
• No pressure- watching others train at a higher level can sometimes put undue pressure on us to perform before physically ready.
• Less complex- often, walking into a public gym can seem overwhelming trying to work out which machine does what and where to start.
• No waiting- At home you never need to wait for equipment to be free.
• Convenience- no travelling, no packing gear, no shared amenities, no forgotten water bottles.

Take care to eat well, and get good advice on safety. Starting out can be on a small scale, and gradually build up the equipment.

Never start out blind, without a sensible training plan and correct technique. If you cause yourself an injury, or don’t get the desired results, any effort will be wasted and that can be disheartening. If overweight, or haven’t trained in a while, a quick checkup at the doctor is recommended.

Home gym offers many positive points, provided you get proper advice beforehand. Buy good equipment, or be prepared for cheaper to last a shorter distance.

Ready-Made Affiliate Website For Instant Commissions!